BELLEROPHON Core offers your port or maritime organisation the ability to improve the efficiency and control of your operations. The Core package is far from basic and allows your team to complete work orders, provide proof of delivery, control gate and order processing, and keep a full equipment, stock and personnel record. With reporting, invoicing and a Business Intelligence (BI) Engine capable of automatically producing orders, BELLEROPHON Core could be the only system your organisation requires.

Modules following modules are included in the BELLEROPHON Core Package:

  • Gate Operations – Is a fully functioning gate and item management module which shows the user a complete list of loading, loaded, to discharge, discharged, restows and restowed items for a selected vessel and call. Proof of Delivery is also available.

  • Commercial – Create and manage customer accounts, orders, discounts, agreements and purchase orders with the ability to search, filter, sort and export order details. This module allows the user to manage fleet and pricing, while also having total visibility of all orders, products and operations.

  • Products & Services – A complete fully configurable equipment, internal location and vehicle management system. Setup and configuration tools are available for equipment, vehicle and staff types. This module can be used to manage a stock product database including specific product details, view locations and levels with functionality available to search, filter and sort all of the stock in the system included. Full product auditing to show the complete life cycle of products over all assigned orders including the dates, times and outcomes of the operations is also available.

  • Personnel – A secure personnel management suite including, general details, job/contract information and time off management. The ability to record staff development, training plans and training courses is also included.

  • Operations – Create, view and action company operations using generic or specific staff members and job roles. The user can customise the operations, view historical data, operation assignment (with full manual override), status and specific details, sequence port and warehouse operations and assign them to specific sequence groups. A full inspection suite with fully customizable setup screens is also included. Additionally, this module also offers a maintenance schedule management system for internal vehicles, equipment and machines.

  • Invoicing – Create and manage customer invoices and purchase orders with options that allow the user to include client specific rates, mark-ups, currency and VAT setup and configuration options.

  • Reporting and Analysis – A reporting tool that includes data dashboards and viewers. This section provides the user with the ability to create cube analysis of all data within the system including 2D and 3D representations from a pivot grid type analysis screen. Geographical analysis for customer and order data can be over-laid on top of a map control and route analysis showing filterable orders on routes displayed on a 2D map, can also be created.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Engine - A fully customisable BI engine with options for order, order product, location, operation and vessel calls. The BI Engine allows for automatic actions, configuration for button clicks, rule matching and AIS rule matching with optional configurations for vessels, calls and perimeters. Additionally, the BI engine can create orders, sends EDI, emails, internal messages and reports via automatic actions. All data within the BI Engine is searchable, sortable and filterable.

  • Mobile Applications – The system can be accessed via mobile devices which allows the user the ability to control their company’s operations while on the move. This capability also gives users the ability to complete inspections.

  • CRM – BELLEROPHON comes complete with its own fully functioning CRM system which can also be linked to external CRM software if your company already uses a different system.

  • Helpdesk - The Help Desk module is completely self-contained which has customisable and default fields. This section allows the user the ability to report and export historical and current data.

  • BELLEROPHON also offers a translation tool for automatically translating controls into other languages (English language is default).

  • Additional System Benefits Include - User and group security can be set up to manage button access for groups and individual users.

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Listed below are the modules within BELLEROPHON Core:

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