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Enterprise Management Systems

Complete Enterprise Management Systems that will fulfil your organisations requirements in one system.

Terminal Operating Systems

Terminal Operating Systems aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of your organisations operations.

Complete Integration

BELLEROPHON is capable of integrating with third party systems including finance and ticketing issuing systems.

Warehousing and Logistics

Co-ordinate the management of your organisations vehicles and cargo.

Remote Working

Complete work on the go when using the fully integrated BELLEROPHON mobile application.

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The history of Argonaut Systems Limited is a long and interesting one which began in the UK in 1982. A company called MCTS Ltd was created by a group of innovative researchers from Cardiff University after they saw the commercial advantage of their software development. During the 1980s and 1990s, MCTS developed and maintained communications and training packages designed for the marine industry; TASKMASTER, PLANMASTER and other technical systems.

In 1996, the company was sold to a communications company GN Comtext, part of the Danish Great Nordic group, and in 2001 the business was sold to the US Corporation Easylink Services. While the above companies were primarily interested in the communications and transaction processing business, the Directors were able to keep the Cargo Systems division profitable and its image sound.

PlanTask Ltd was founded in 2002 in order to maintain and develop the container ship planning systems PLANMASTER and TASKMASTER. The founding members were Gerry Endenburg, and current Directors Michael Close and Nick Goss. In 2003, Steve Coleman joined the Plantask board of directors as the companies new Technical Director. Plantask currently provide the following planning systems; PLANMASTER is a comprehensive containership planning and stowage co-ordination software for effective ship operation, targeted at Liner Operators, Ship Managers, Container Terminals and Stevedores. TASKMASTER is a computerised load monitoring system for containerships, tailored for individual vessels, and is usually supplied with industry-standard, Type-Approved computer hardware for installation of the vessel.

In 2007, a group of Software Architects and Programmers, founded the company to develop a multimodal Terminal Operating System and Enterprise Management System as an intelligent solution for the maritime and manufacturing industries. Over the last decade, Argonaut Systems Ltd (ASL) has provided its clients with enterprise management systems that are both versatile and powerful and have provided the ideal tool to control operations within the maritime, logistics and manufacturing industries. Since designing BELLEROPHON, ASL has grown in size and scope, and has assisted clients around the world in streamlining and improving the operations of their business by providing customisable EMS packages that can cater to all of the commercial, operational, and logistic requirements of their companies. Over the years ASL’s product portfolio has increased and our client base is now worldwide. With its software packages and team, ASL aims is to meets its client’s requirements and exceed their expectations. BELLEROPHON provides our clients with the tools required to improve efficiency, reduce costs and expand operations within their company.


The ASL team have worked for decades in a wide variety of industry sectors including Medicine, Defense, Manufacturing & Shipping and have designed, sold and supported high level Enterprise Management Systems in diverse areas ranging from satellite communications and ship stability systems to account packages and MRP systems. Our team of System Analysts, System Architects, Developers & Project & Support Services have many years’ experience within the maritime industry and are always keen to assist clients in achieving their organization’s requirements and goals. With over 25 years producing and selling software and hardware systems worldwide in Northern and Southern Europe, America, Asia and Australasia, trust the experts.



At Argonaut Systems we've got a market-leading range of products, providing comprehensive and all-encompassing packages for all your maritime needs. As one of the UK's leading software providers in the maritime industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the complete maritime solution to all organisational sizes, worldwide. With over 25 years’ experience of producing and selling software and hardware systems in Northern and Southern America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

As well as offering large-scale software packages that support business processes, information flows, reporting and data analytics for terminals within the maritime industry, at Argonaut Systems we offer comprehensive Enterprise Planning systems on-board vessels. All of our ERP systems are designed with seamless EDI integration at the forefront, removing the need for manual re-keying of information.

Our products are shown below, please click on an image to find out more:


BELLEROPHON 2.0 is an operations-based Enterprise Management System and Terminal Operating System created for the Maritime industry. This fully integrated and customisable software solution offers a real-time view of all activity and cargo across your entire organisation and can be tailored to meet your port operations and organisations requirements.


BELLEROPHON 3.0 is a cloud-based Enterprise Management System and Terminal Operating System created for the Maritime Industry. This fully integrated and customisable software solution can be tailored to meet your organisations requirements and is compatible with all other BELLEROPHON products and third-party systems including finance packages and logistical planning software, among others.

BELLEROPHON Vessel Planning

BELLEROPHON Vessel Planning is the next generation of stowage planning systems designed to assist ship planners in shipping lines, terminals and marine agencies in efficiently loading and discharging container cargo to/from ships.


INTEGR8 is a cloud-based message format translator specifically created for the maritime and transport industries.



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