A.I. Message Translation


INTEGR8 is a cloud-based message format translator specifically created for the maritime and transport industries.

With a simple Pay As You Go system that has no installation costs and no subscription fees, INTEGR8 saves your team time and your company money by allowing you to define your message once and translate into any number of message formats to send any other parties.

Messages can be created using templates already stored within INTEGR8 or the user has the option of creating their own message format(s). Subscriptions to other users can be setup and read receipts can also be issued for each message sent.

Once a user sets up their account, they will be able to store information in one easy to use system that will give the user the ability to define their message once and translate to many.

Core Functionality of the INTEGR8 includes:

  • Cloud Based Software - The message translator can be accessed via a web browser using an azure style interface. With the database securely stored in the cloud, users can carry out any task including viewing, managing, monitoring or creating messages.

  • Create Message Formats - The ability to create, view and define message formats. Standard messages from a system library with the functionality to allow users to upload their own message formats.

  • BI Rules - Can be set to upload and convert file formats while also allowing the user to set up event chains.

  • Receive Messages – Set up message format criteria that allows you to receive messages in the appropriate format.

  • Translate Messages – Translate message formats for recipients to receive the relevant data.

  • Message Templates – Use templates stored within the system or create your own message formats.

  • Message template formats include:

    1. EDI Including EDIFACT & ANSI X12
    2. XML
    3. CSV
    4. Fixed Width
    5. And many more

  • Reporting - View message reports on all sent and received messages.

  • Subscriptions - Message subscription setup and subscription requests are also included.

  • Message Receipts – Messages can be configured to include the format details for each recipient.

To request further details or arrange a demonstration of the software, please contact us.

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