BELLEROPHON Complete is a fully customisable total supply chain management solution, from plan and build to delivery via road, rail, sea or air. With full end-to-end traceability, all operations, commodities, equipment and materials can be tracked from creation to the final place of delivery.

BELLEROPHON is an Enterprise Management System (EMS) that allows its users the ability to manage all port or warehouse operations in one easy to use system which is accessible from anywhere in the world. The system is also compatible with mobile devices.

BELLEROPHON Complete includes all modules in the core package plus the following:

  • Logistics – Group and accrue orders onto individual and multiple journeys. Add, update and remove logistics routes including drop off ranges and route specific criteria. Manage vetted and unvetted suppliers, set government/company specific pricing limits and levels and manage returned items.

  • Production and Packaging – Setup and configure processes and process chains including stage details, stage required products and additional final products. Setup and manage machines including downtime, daily capacity and packaging details with sub-assemblies and a bill of material.

  • Yard Management - A complete 2D terminal design with 3D overview plotted in real world co-ordinates (LAT/LNG). The user is capable of setting up a complete terminal including all spaces, parent/child relationships, roads, rail, quay setup and other miscellaneous items. Traffic management functionality to track vehicles inside the terminal and the ability to setup staging areas is also included. Manual or auto planning functionality exists in the system.

  • Vessel Tracking – Stores and displays live and historical tracking data from various connections (database, local AIS and TCP/IP live feed) via the AIS service. This package allows the user the ability to setup and manage an internal fleet, setup custom perimeters in real world positions for automated actions and creating lists to show arrivals, departures, events, perimeters and your fleet.

  • Rail – Setup and manage an internal fleet, including wagon and locomotive setup and configuration. The system also offers import functionality for wagon lists and historical data.

  • Additional Benefits - This package also includes Customs/Hold functionality with configurable release reasons and Berth management schedules. Vessel and call maintenance for vessel calls (including historical calls) is also included.

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Listed below are the modules within BELLEROPHON Complete:

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